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Retreats • Pre-Retreat Checklist

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

At a Glen Lake Camp Retreat, we’ve got the big things covered – lodging, activities, and food. There is still more to do. Thinking about the entire picture of your retreat will help your retreat be the most successful and keep the retreat leader from having to problem solve during the trip. You will get to spend more time with your people!

Here are a few other details a group leader will want to consider.

  • What transportation are you using?

    • Departure Meeting Time & Place

    • Rendezvous Time/Place – If using Glen Lake Camp, we suggest meeting in the Welcome Center at the Front Gate.

  • Create a meeting materials list as you create your agenda.

  • First Aid Kit, Bedding, Towels, Toiletries,

  • Insurance/Liability Folder

    • Roll Call List to use when making sure you have your whole group on the bus or in an emergency. You might consider an app solution or laminating a paper list with a dry erase marker.

    • Insurance Cards/Release Forms for Participants – For your use in case someone in your group is injured and you need to seek treatment on their behalf.

    • Insurance Certificate naming Glen Lake Camp as additional insured. To be supplied prior to arrival.

    • Glen Lake Camp will contact you prior to arrival to ensure the necessary on-site waivers are completed per person. Please allow for this in your pre-planning.

For more help planning your retreat, contact our Retreat Coordinator, Susan Sledge,, 254-897-2247. You can also check out our Retreat Planning Guide below, and cover your details.

Retreat Planning Guide
Download PDF • 11.93MB

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