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Get Away Kit

Always packed and ready for a new adventure. I couldn’t have survived motherhood without my two women’s retreats a year. Yes, you read it right…..two retreats! It was my lifeline to sanity and although I was in the practice of Bible study, small groups, and church, it was the pace of life that really affected my relationship with my husband and kids. It’s hard being the center of the wheel and the turning, turning, turning of routines, deadlines, emergencies and demands sucked the life right out of me. A wise mentor laid down the law on one particularly draining day and announced I would accompany her to a women’s spring retreat at a camp near Houston. It didn’t seem like a negotiation, but a command.

When I came home, everything looked different. I had fallen back in love with my first love, Jesus, and His presence gave me new eyes to see and ears to hear. It was all fresh again! My husband commented that I was different and offered to watch the kids if I ever wanted to go again. As a few months turned over, I felt the drag of it all again and called up my friend. Off we went for a fall retreat. The results were the same and I soon began to realize that time alone with God was just a necessity for my mental and spiritual well-being. My kids became accustomed to Mom taking time with Jesus and knowing

He was a priority.

After a couple of retreats, I started keeping my supplies in a bag that sat in the corner of my closet ready to be deployed. As I got dressed in the mornings, I would often glance over at the bag and recollect a “golden nugget” or two that I received while away. The memory felt so fresh and new it was like ointment to the soul. Just looking at the bag could bring it all back! Over the years, I added special goodies to the bag and developed a Getaway Kit in anticipation of the next great adventure with God.

My Getaway Kit includes a twin comforter with coordinating sheet set. Meeting rooms are always cold, so there is a soft throw that I only use on retreats. A set of colorful pens and notebook are included and I spend a lot of time journaling over the weekend. As an older woman now, I treasure the notes I made and can see so much growth over time and answered prayers. There are still some promises yet to be fulfilled but I have such a foundation of hope that it makes me excited! Shower flip flops and a flashlight just make good sense because you never know what will be needed. I also have phone charger that stays in the bag because I have left without it too many times. Just in case there is some down time, I like to keep a novel to read.

I would be anxious to hear what you pack in your Getaway Kit. If you want to know more about hosting a women’s retreat at Glen Lake Camp, I would be happy to brainstorm with you. Having a routine of getting away has created so many special memories over the years….my secret place with Him!

Susan Sledge

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