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Campers Find Community & Jesus Through Adventure

“Adventure. Community. Jesus.” perfectly describes the summer camp experience at Glen Lake. We train our staff to understand the life-giving benefits of knowing someone’s name, actively listening, and sincerely engaging them. Sadly, many campers arrive at Glen Lake having had a difficult time at school with peers and not feeling accepted. According to, about 20% of students ages 12-18 experience bullying. Those that reported being bullied said they thought those who bullied them:

  • Had the ability to influence other students’ perception of them (56%).

  • Had more social influence (50%).

  • Were physically stronger or larger (40%).

  • Had more money (31%).

We want every camper to feel included and valued during their summer experience. “No Sidelines” is something we often vocalize to create a culture where everyone participates and “get all in”. Camp counselors are interviewed and screened for proven leadership skills as well as a heart for others. Campers find community and Jesus through adventure in an unforgettable week over the summer. Wounds can be healed in the process. We pray that as campers recognize who they are in Christ, the effect of others’ perceptions, influence, strength or money will dim and fade away.

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