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How to Write the Best Letter to Your Camper

Surprise! Whether you’re a parent, relative, or friend of a camper, writing letters to camp can be easy, quick and fun. At Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center, we even offer you the opportunity to write an email once a day to your camper (we will print them out at 10:00am and delivery that day). Email your camper.

Of course letters to camp are an ideal way (often the only way) to share the latest news, stories and jokes and to build a special bond with your camper – whether the camper is your own child, grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin or friend. Letters to campers are also a great way to help your camper to have a great summer camp experience.

Before you begin, be sure that you have the correct camp address and address instructions for your camper (1102 NE Barnard St. Glen Rose, Texas 76043 - mail that comes after our summer campers leave for the week will not be delivered).

There are five things you want to do in a letter to camp:

  • Say hello

  • Ask questions

  • Share the latest “news”

  • Tell a joke or share something special

  • Encourage your camper

#1: Say hello

Let’s take care of the easy stuff first. Start with a greeting to your camper such as

Dear Ellis,
Hi Ellis!
Hey kiddo!
Now add in a few opening comments:
We’re so happy to hear that you’re at Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center.
Congratulations – you’ve just completed the first day of camp! Now for more fun!

#2: Ask questions about their day

Of course you want to know what’s going on at camp, so let’s start off with a few questions. We also realize they will not be able to respond, but these are some great questions to let your camper know you are thinking about them. No matter though – questions let you express interest in your camper’s experience.

What’s your favorite part of camp so far?
What was the best part of the Yellow Meal?
We can’t wait to hear about your new friends at camp.
What activities have you done so far?

#3 Share the latest “news”

Campers want to know what’s happening at home even if camp is only a week long. Which is funny since there’s usually a whole lot less going on at home than at camp. But that’s OK because this is your chance to share some news about home, family and friends. Go light on activities your camper might regret missing like baseball games or water/amusement park outings. This is not the time to share about sick relatives.

Yesterday the weather was sunny in the 90s. Mom and I woke up at 7 and walked the dog. Mom went off to work and got home at about 5. Your mom and I went to dinner last night to an Italian food place. We enjoyed the shrimp scampi. Today is Monday so we’re cleaning the house tonight and getting our meals ready for the week.

#4: Tell a joke

Most kids enjoy humor – jokes, riddles and funny stories, especially those they can share with their friends at camp. Some of our campers parents get really creative with their jokes and some bring on the Dad jokes!

  • Question: What’s a good time to go to the dentist? Answer: At tooth-thirty!

  • A funny news headline: Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge

  • Knock Knock. Who’s there? Dewey. Dewey who? Dewey have to listen to all this knocking!

By the way, this is also a great place to share something special with your camper like the French/Spanish/Chinese/SAT/word of the day, bible verse of the day, sports scores etc.

#5 Encourage your camper

As you wrap up your letter, make sure to include some encouragement for your camper. The camper owns their experience at camp, but this is your chance to support them and to help them think about what a great experience they’re having.

I know this is going to be your best summer yet at Glen Lake Camp. I can’t wait to hear about all of your great activities when we pick you up! We love you very much. Love, Dad and Mom
Well, from the pictures it look like your first day was fantastic. We love you sooooo much. — Dad and Mom
I can’t believe that camp will be over in just a couple days. Have a great time and enjoy the experience! Always, Dad and Mom

That’s it – letters to camp in five easy steps. You don’t need to be a professional writer to create a great letter. Just be yourself, have fun, be creative, and above all else, write! Keep in mind, we ask that you only send one email a day for your camper, no need to overwhelm with mail, they get their mail once a day (Mon-Thurs). If you are mailing a letter, be sure you can get it here before the end of camp. And please do not send care packages. Our campers are in a cabin full of campers who may not get the same, and we do not allow food in our cabins. At check-in, we will have a bin available if you would like to pre-write letters and drop them off. Please note, which day the letter is to be delivered and keep in mind, we only deliver mail Mon-Thurs.

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