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Day 1 • Hike to the Cross

September is here and it is day 1 of our Hike to the Cross 30-Day Prayer Vigil. Each day we will provide a Scripture for reflection and a specific prayer request. We would like for you to provide the prayer. We would like for you to join us in praying for Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center. We hope you will use this time however is best for you; to begin your day, end your day, or refresh in the middle of your day. Your Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center staff are committed to praying every morning at 8:00am.

Scripture: "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

Prayer: Pray for the next 30-days as we pray over this holy place that has and will continue to impact so many people. Join us in praying for Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center over the next 30 days. Check back here each day for a new Scripture and a new prayer request everyday..

The cross on the cliff edge at Glen Lake Camp represents many different things to our campers and guests. Campers are excited to get outdoors in God’s creation and tackle the challenge of crossing the river, scaling the river’s rock edge, and following the trail to the 25 foot cross. For others, it is viewing a cross that sits at the highest point of the camp & retreat center demonstrating a site committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ. Sometimes the hike reveals an experience filled with friendly animal sightings, shaded paths and breathtaking views. Other times a hike can present physical challenges, devastating temperatures, and slippery rock trails. What memories of Glen Lake Camp and the Hike to the Cross do you have?

We look forward to joining you in prayer as we seek God’s guidance in making plans for the continued ministry of Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center.

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Sep 01, 2020

I have made the hike to the cross many times. When we would meet at the MAC, I would be anxious to get the hike over with and be at the cross. Unfortunately... you have to go through the climb to get to the reward. In hindsight, reaching the cross was satisfying and the view was amazing, but I wouldn't trade the memories made along the hike with my camp friends for the world. I pray that Glen Lake Camp can make this challenging 2020 hike a positive, transformative event. We don't know what the summit will bring, but we do know Jesus is there.


Sep 01, 2020

Romans 12:12 invokes the possession of His peace in all things. GLC invokes the same feeling when I arrive on the property. Seeing the gate is a reminder that time can be set aside from the business of life to escape with Him.

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