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22 Ideas for 2022 • Youth Ministry

Throughout the year we serve hundreds of youth/student ministry groups through retreats and camps. We are so thankful for each one and love when we learn new things and hear of the wonderful things going on from our friends. We meet youth/student ministry directors that have been in youth ministry for over 30+ years and youth/student ministry leaders who have not yet logged a full year. We know you are all unique! The different ways you engage with your group has been so refreshing to see as we all seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

As 2022 is off and running, here are 22 ideas to help your youth group grow in 2022.
  1. "Each One Bring One" - Invite someone to join you.

  2. Make person contact with local school counselors and teachers.

  3. Have public meetings at malls, outdoors, parks, and visible places where youth hang out.

  4. Have a booth at a community event, such as fairs and festivals.

  5. Host an Open House

  6. Service projects that serve a need in the community.

  7. Send letters to other non-profits in your community with an invitation to visit a gathering.

  8. Print business cards or have an easy way for members to share meeting locations and times.

  9. Have a special guest day.

  10. Have members honor outstanding community members (think Teen Choice Awards).

  11. Make some meetings social events.

  12. Have a reward program for those who bring in new members.

  13. Follow up with guests in a unique and meaningful way.

  14. Place a colored dot on the phone of every member to remind them to bring a guest.

  15. Have members give talks at other organizations.

  16. Hold join meetings with other youth groups.

  17. Participate in community events.

  18. Give every member a sticker for their laptop.

  19. Make testimonials a regular part of your meetings so visitors will hear the good things going on.

  20. Ask your congregation for names/contact information of people they want you to invite.

  21. Have a system to ensure members are contacted when they miss a week.

  22. Book a retreat. On a retreat, new people are connected with your current and bonds are formed.

It is our prayer that one of these ideas may be helpful. One of these ideas may be perfect for your group while another one might not be the best fit. As you get to know your students, evaluate what works best for you and your group.

What are some of your best ideas for your students ministry group?

We want to see your student/youth ministry strengthen relationships and grow deeper through the love of Jesus.

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