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Board of Directors Announcement

Dear friends of Glen Lake Camp & Retreat Center, ​ On behalf of the Glen Lake Board of Directors, it is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that I write to share the news with you that our Executive Director, Natalie Davidson, will be stepping down as Executive Director of Glen Lake Camp. Natalie stepped into the role of Executive Director to take Glen Lake to the next level. She has accomplished that and much more. Her inspiring leadership and connections have played an important role in the growth of GLC and its impact on the lives of so many. We are grateful for her years of dedicated ministry and service.

​ Natalie has just finished guiding us through a successful summer of camp. The growth and success of GLC has been a true testament to Natalie’s skillset as a leader. She leaves the organization in a strong position, both programmatically and financially. GLC now has a top-notch staff that will continue the vision and mission implemented by Natalie. They, together with the board of directors, will help ensure that the camp continues to serve our campers, families, churches, and community partners.

Our Board has formed a search committee to find our next executive director to lead the organization moving forward. As we conduct our search in the coming months, we welcome your prayers. Natalie will be working with us throughout the transition process to ensure health and continuity. Thank you all for your support of Glen Lake Camp, of Natalie, and of our ministry together. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Grace & Peace,

Betsy Spencer Chair, Board of Directors Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center

Jeff Roper, executive director of the Roberts Center for Leadership and Administration and Glen Lake Camp board member, says that no firm timetable is set for Natalie’s departure and that he's delighted that she will stay on during the transition and actively participate in the search for her successor. “Natalie has been a fantastic leader and partner with the conference during her time at Glen Lake Camp,” Jeff observed. “The growth and success of the camp is a tribute to her leadership skills, style and dedication. Our conference camp has a superb staff that will continue the vision and mission set forth under Natalie’s administration. She has set the bar quite high, but I’m confident that with her assistance, the search committee set up by the GLC board will be able to identify the right person to take Natalie's excellent work and lead the camp to an even brighter future.”

A Note About Natalie Davidson

Natalie shared her decision with the Glen Lake Camp board following yet another successful summer camp season – her 12th as a member of the director team at GLC. In 2009, she joined the team as the camp’s Program Director – a role in which she not only made her mark with the programs offered to campers, but also in the more than 200 staff members recruited, hired and mentored. Since 2009, Natalie Davidson has made an significant and positive impact on the campers and staff of Glen Lake Camp and has the camp positioned for long-term success and growth - photo courtesy Patrick Turkett In 2014, Natalie moved to the position of Operations Director where she developed methods of effectively measuring and reporting the ministry impact of areas not immediately obvious as “areas of ministry” – i.e., facilities, guest services, and food service. She was also responsible for creating and managing the annual budget for the ministry of Glen Lake and reporting for financial accountability and best practices. After a very successful year as the Operations Director, Natalie was named as Executive Director in 2015, and in the six years that followed she and her team have set Glen Lake Camp on a path that has the camp primed for success far into the future, including a five-year strategic plan and a 10-15 year master plan for ministry. “We are currently in our third year of the strategic plan and have seen growth in our program, leadership development model, Board development, and impact of the retreat ministry as we tackle the strategies for effective service,” Natalie reported.

“I love Glen Lake and will miss being a daily part of the ministry, but look forward to seeing what God has next,” Natalie said. “I am beyond thankful to the Central Texas Conference and the Glen Lake board of directors for the opportunity to serve and grow at Glen Lake.” “I am truly grateful to the summer staff and full-time staff over the last 12 years that have contributed to the successful fulfillment of our mission in making disciples,” she continued. “I have learned so much from these team members and have been forever changed by witnessing firsthand their commitment to Christ’s love, grace and hospitality.” Natalie Davidson, Executive Director of Glen Lake Camp, says, “I love Glen Lake, our team, our guests, and our campers; but the time has come for me to transition into the next chapter,” reflected Natalie. “I plan to work with the camp’s outstanding board throughout this transition period to help identify the right person to take the Executive Director reigns and lead our team and camp forward in our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. We have worked really hard over the past six years developing a strategic and master plan for the ministry of Glen Lake, I am hopeful our next Executive Director will jump on board with the dream team at Glen Lake and will add their talents and experience to continue to advance our plan as we are just three years into it.”

Executive Director Search

The Glen Lake Board of Directors has formed a search committee and is in the process of identifying the next executive director to lead the organization as we moving forward to a new spring in our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The GLC board, Bishop Lowry and the Cabinet request and welcome prayers for the camp, the search committee and Natalie Davidson during this time of transition.

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